NCAA to athletes: “We own you suckahs!”

NCAA to athletes: “We own you suckahs!”

The current relationship between athletes and the NCAA is archaic, exploitative and downright immoral. Yes many of the athletes get free schooling. Yes the facilities are ridiculous. The amount of money generated off of these kids is ludicrous. No one deserves to at least make money off their OWN autographs than these athletes. Regardless of how “lax” their coursework is, they spend time with the team and in classes.

One article says athletes spend 43 hours a week on their sports alone. Even if all they have to do is show up to class, they’re working 60 hour work weeks. But no you can’t make any money off of that thing that you spend all your time doing. Get injured and lose your scholarship? Good thing you have all that work experience…..

I’m 100% percent on Team Manziel. I don’t care how much money he made or didn’t make. Let’s throw a 19 year old into the biggest spotlight possible and say “Now Johnny, Behave yourself. Don’t go to all the crazy parties you’re getting invited to. Don’t accept all that money you’re offered for your autograph, just give it away for free.” Fucking nonsense. 



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