Apparently a lot of wimps use wordpress. Note: I am no wimp


So some of you have actually commented on my stuff. Kudos! It has alerted me to the fact that WordPress allows me to censor comments? Its sad really. Used to be you could cut people down right where the stood and let the internet know what a big man you were. Now the author has a say in what degrading things get said about their posts?

Just to clear the air, any and all comments you make on posts I will approve, regardless of vulgarity, detriment to my dignity or anything else. I don’t have much dignity left anyway. I told my doctor when I was like 8 that people were calling me “Booger Boy” and he said, “Kids can be so cruel.” I replied, “The kids don’t call me that. Its my parents.” Never had a chance at dignity. 

Have at it. 


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