Beer Review: Sam Adams Summer Mix Pack




This is perhaps my favorite mix pack of all time. Love it. Now that it’s out of stores it seems like the perfect time to reminisce and rub it in the face of you fools who missed out on it. I’m not gonna talk about the Boston Lager or Summer Ale because they’re standard beers.

Porch Rocker: Good beer. If you don’t like lemonade get the fuck out. Also you won’t like this beer then. Its very light and smooth. Not for everyone since it is decently sweet.

Salami Rating: 7.5

Belgian Session: As is with most summery beers, it is light and crisp. Lots of citrus/fruit undertones. Great flavor. Great aroma. Very smooth. Probably my favorite of the bunch.

Salami Rating 8.5

Blueberry Hill Lager: Very blueberry. Not as good as Wachusett Blueberry but a close contender. The blueberry flavor may be off putting as it can be found more artificial tasting. The blueberry flavor does somewhat mask the taste of the beer itself. Then again who doesn’t like blueberry?

Salami Rating: 8 


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