Preseason? PRESEASON?!


It seems like people are freaking out right now in Patriot Nation. Just full blown Tuck your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye Cold War panic. Its ridiculous. I tried looking about the stats about the Pats record during the Belichick Era in the preseason. Couldn’t find it. I could find basically nothing on past preseasons. That’s how little this matters. 

The fumbles were concerning because we know any Belichick fearing running back would rather die than fumble lest he be benched for eternity. Other than that we’re just working out the kinks. The defense got put in a lot of tough situations in the first half and came out looking great. 2nd half it seemed like the Lions third string half back was fucking Juggernaut. Just plowing people over with no regard. 

Great learning experience for the rookies. The Studfeld had a bad drop/fumble. Thompkins and Dobson collided on crossing slant routes which led to the interception. Just gotta work out the kinks. If you think the Pats don’t win their first 3 games you’re dumb. The first real test of the season will be the Falcons. If we can get the pass rush on Matt “Pretty Boy” Ryan we’ll have a good chance.


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