Lost in the Blogosphere



Captain’s Blog

Blog Date: August 23rd

I am most definitely lost in the blogosphere. I have no idea what I’m doing or what to do. Tags? Following Blogs? All of it is so foreign to me. I also thought I would be better suited than I am for the blogosphere. I’m not nearly as funny or coherent as I assumed I would be. Reading more famous blogs (Barstool), I assumed I could easily be as funny as them. Then again I’ve seen people attempt to do what Tosh.O does and it seems it does require some skill to ridicule and humiliate those most deserved of it. 

Currently having zero views and being unable to google my own blog, I have no outside perspective on my blog. I have also opted not to tell anyone about this blog so that may have something to do with it. 

Even if you put nonsensical shit all over the blog and distance yourself from it by putting on a persona, if someone says it sucks its not gonna feel any better. So for now these posts are for the ages? Whatever. For people who perhaps will read this in the future. Mainly for me. The rest of y’all future readers can eat a dick. 

Captain Salami Out. 


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