What the phuck is a “phablet”

What the fuck is a “phablet”

It happened. Technology is growing too fast for me to keep up. I don’t know what half of the slang or abbreviations on twitter mean. No clue. I’m not going to ask anyone what the fuck ratchet means. I’m just gonna use it sporadically until I figure it out. But beyond all that shit I have no idea what phablet is. None. Doesn’t say it once in the article. Therefore, I assume everyone else knows what a phablet is. If it’s not defined in there it must mean I’m just too out of touch.

Even though I don’t know what it is I can certainly tell you I won’t be caught with a phablet ever. I have an iPhone. I can barely Vine. I don’t have an instagram. I guess I’m not counter mainstream enough or something to put filters on my food pics and skinny jeans. People ask me, “Why do you have an iPhone? Droids do way more.” Its cause I DONT DO WAY MORE. I need facebook and twitter and gmail and internet that works. I don’t need to write my own apps or deal with any of that nonsense. I also don’t need a phone that can only be carried in a purse cause its so fucking big. Its all ratchet ass ratchet.


One thought on “What the phuck is a “phablet”

  1. Mayday says:

    That’s a pretty good use of the word ratchet. Good on ya mate!

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