J-E-T-S Whats that spell? Suck suck suck!


“Santonio Holmes has been medically cleared by a foot specialist to begin football activities, according to a report by the New York Post. But Holmes refuses to practice.”

I love the Jets. I mean granted I actually hate them and everything they stand for but I love that they are in the AFC East. It would be a bland division to follow as a Pats fan. We dominate year in and year out. The Dolphins are fun. They have jerseys that are fresh (possibly to death) and the Bills are like the Ralph Wiggum of the NFL. They’re so consistently bad you can only help but want them to succeed.

The Jets are on a whole other level of suckage and buffoonery. I might even feel bad for them if their fans weren’t all deplorable douchebags. I revel in the fact that Santonio Holmes is most definitely dogging it so he doesn’t have to do any work. Make sure the team is actually gonna win before he puts any effort in. He’s perfect for the Jets cause their fanbase mentality is the same way. “Fuck itttttt. Once we’re good I’ll start paying attention and talk the most shit to everyone.”

Long live Rex Ryan!

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