Gareth Bale: Do something already



I’m a pretty big Tottenham Hotspur fan. I try to catch the games but like anyone in America knows its near impossible to find Premiere League games. I love Gareth Bale. I was ready to ride this guy all the way to the bedroom…..Champions League rather. That being said I’m so sick of his transfer saga. It needs to end.

“He’s going to Real Madrid” “He’s not going to Real” “His teammates hate him” “He doesn’t talk to AVB” on and on it goes. I’ve never seen so much internet coverage of one dude. It’s like 24/7 rumors and gossip. Its worse than E! TV. I could give two shits soccerdude23 thinks is gonna happen. Is this just what all major soccer transfers are like? If so I’m thoroughly disappointed. It’s like 1st grade crushes all over again. Get the fuck out and sign with someone already. 


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