Declining Circumcision Rates?

Declining Circumcision Rates?

What the fuck? What is going on? I have a circumcised penis and it’s the only way to go. Helmet all the way. Anteater scares the shit out of me. When I was like six I went to the bathroom in Kindergarten. This is back when we all dropped trou’ all the way to our ankles to use urinals. I saw the kid next to me and he had an uncircumcised penis and I had no idea what the hell happened. I thought he had some deformity or something. I had to go ask my mom what I saw. Luckily, my parents didn’t lie to me and tell me it was stork antenna or something. 

What confuses me about this isn’t whether or not you have a visual preference to circumcision but just why the rate is dropping. Like all jokes aside there are some medical benefits to being circumcised. Lower chance of UTI, lower chance of AIDS. These aren’t luxury benefits either, like being more aerodynamic. I’m concerned for my Jewish brethren out there. We gotta start having a lot of babies and pump the numbers up. I can’t have my dick be a minority. Then people might look at it and think I had some type of horrible deformity. Helmets all day. 


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